Pedigree of  Bronia Supernatural

Aged 4 months

Born 04/11/2016
Sex  Bitch
Colour Red
Breeder Emily Mitchell
Owned By  Breeder


Aged 10 weeks Aged 14 weeks

Aged 10 months  


Ch Bronia Larenzo Ch Bronia Lotario JW Ch Bronia Classic Legacy (AI)
Ch Bronia Carmelita JW
Ch  Bronia Pastiche Ch Bronia Monte Cristo
Ch Darsoms Zophisticate of Bronia
Ch Bronia Callista Ch Bronia Classic Legacy (AI) Ch Bronia Conquistador
Ch Bronia Marionette
Ch Bronia Carmelita Ch/Ir Ch Glasvey Special Edition
Bronia Harmony of Kainai